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Commercial Monitoring


Knowing your business is safely protected is vital to any business where stock and assets are too precious to be lost. Black Tusk offers commercial monitoring of all types of business locations, from stores to industrial warehouses, rural farms and remote locations. Business is often the target of crime, given the high reward value that is often present. 


At Black Tusk we offer monitoring of all Alarm Systems, and can offer a competitive rate of monitoring, and a fully comprehensive assessment of your needs. We stock a range of manufacturers, and can quote for installation of simple security, to complete access control monitored systems.


Fire Panel Monitoring


At today’s listed building code for many commercial buildings, monitoring of the buildings Fire Protection System is mandatory. At Black Tusk Fire and Security we are proud to be able to offer the HIGHEST standard of monitoring.


ULC Listed Fire Panel Monitoring


Black Tusk is proud to be the only local company in the whole Sea to Sky corridor listed and authorized to install Fire Monitoring equipment to ULC standard CAN/ULC-SL561 (Underwriters Laboratories Canada).

The Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC) is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. They provide thorough and unbiased product evaluation. The ULC is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, under the National Standards System.


Under certain conditions, your building’s Fire system may need to be monitored to ULC standard. Your building may be required to be monitored through ULC if it meets one of the following criteria:


  • Building has six stories or over

  • Building capacity is over 300 people

  • Liquor license (LLBO)

  • Building contains combustibles

  • Building contains a sprinkler system

  • Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requests ULC listed monitoring.


Black Tusk can help you attain this level of protection for your building, providing all your installation, monitoring, testing of your Fire Monitoring System.   

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